Why bamboo straws? Bamboo straws are one of the eco-friendliest options for straws. The natural straws also add a touch of a tropical feeling to any drink. Bamboo straws are great for families with children. Made of sturdy bamboo, they are hard to break. Our bamboo straws are rated as the best reusable straws by the Guardian. At home or on the go The straws come in a cotton pouch for all straws and a separate pouch for a single straw. This way, you can keep one straw in a handy place like your car or purse and refuse single-use straws on the go. The bigger pouch is perfect to keep the straws at home and use them whenever you feel like having an eco-friendly drink.

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Plastic straws are such a problem because of the sheer magnitude. It is estimated that 170 to 390 million straws are used per day in the USA. That is enough to wrap them around the world at least once.

Most plastic straws are disposed of after a single use. After enjoying your drink with them for a couple of minutes, they end up in landfills or nature for centuries to come.